Basic Time Sheet

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This Basic Timesheet with 2 Buttons generates automatic time stamps that track when you click on the "Clock In" and "Clock Out" buttons.

  • Once you click on start, it will tell you how many minutes has passed since you started under the "Started" view.
  • Once you click on end, time between start and end will be recorded automatically in hours and minutes in the database.

Starting and Ending

  • Once you Start, you must End before Starting again.
    • Otherwise, you’ll create duplicate entries.
  • You can’t start more than once before clocking out.
    • If you do, you’ll create a duplicate entry.
  • Assuming you start and end every time . . .
    • You can create as many entries as you want at any moment.
    • The person who starts will be assigned the time sheet entry.
  • Only one person can start and end at a time.
  • To create unique time sheets to an individual, simply duplicate a template of their own.
  • You can see total recorded time in these [By Day | Week | Month] next to the header.
  • The “Started” view shows current entries that have not ended yet.
  • This view serves no other purpose than showing these current time sheet entries

Do NOT delete any hidden properties, pages, or databases in this template.

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You'll get a Timesheet Notion Template to record and track your time automatically!

Automatic Time Stamping
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Basic Time Sheet

10 ratings
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